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Coming Soon -- Changes to make it easier to manage a Space

Matterport cloud

Things are about to look very different inside of Matterport Cloud

We’ve talked with many of you about ways Matterport could improve the content management experience. As a result, over the next few months, we’re excited to roll out a number of product changes to make it easier to do what you need faster, and more intuitively.

With our first update later this month, we’re simplifying the workflows, streamlining the user experience, and improving the organization of your content.


Get Things Done Faster

The new design greatly simplifies and streamlines major workflows by moving them into their own distinct tabs. These tabs will allow you to better manage and edit your Spaces, and will help Matterport Cloud Accounts to support workflows and capabilities in future updates. Key actions, such as sharing a Space or adding Collaborators are moved to the top where they can easily be accessed at any time.

Matterport cloud 2


This Is Only the Beginning

In the coming weeks and months, there will be a number of changes to make managing and engaging with your content more intuitive.  Many changes will be iterative and include a range of enhancements from new metrics, to new ways to share your Spaces, and much more.


Our Commitment

Our promise is to give you a heads up before changes roll out, and to empower you with awareness and documentation so that you know what’s happening and are ready for the changes.

As we grow and evolve the Matterport platform, know that we are listening to your feedback and will continue to incorporate it wherever possible. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on these first updates when they roll out here soon. Let us know via the Matterport Official Users Group on Facebook group, or Support! We are excited to hear your feedback and share more great updates soon!