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Content creation for virtual reality: see us at SVVR!

Imagine a world where you could teleport to a new location in an instant. That’s the world Matterport and a handful of other 3D companies are creating, and we’re getting closer than you might expect! We’re fascinated by the prospect of building a digital “mirror world” that lets anyone explore any place with the push of a button.

Matterport Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Matt Bell will be discussing his plans and predictions for Matterport and Virtual Reality at the 2016 Silicon Valley VR Expo. Currently, Matterport technology allows anyone with access to a 3D camera to digitally reconstruct the world around them for use in web and mobile applications – no expertise required. Once the data of a Space has been captured, it can easily be converted into a VR model with a small amount of work, though automation will soon remove this extra step entirely.

As Matterport technology continues to grow alongside the VR revolution, Matterport Spaces will replicate an ever-expanding portion of the real world - virtual experiences available to anyone with a VR headset like the Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard. By simply loading a Matterport Space onto your Gear VR-compatible phone, you can already be instantly transported to a Buddhist temple in Eastern Asia or to the center of a ship cruising through the freezing Antarctic waters. Matterport has thousands of truly immersive experiences, including breathtaking villas in wine country, charming neighborhood homes in urban areas, and international travel destinations around the world.

Today, Matterport is predominantly used for real estate and travel listings, but we have always known that there are broad applications for our technology, and we’re already seeing our customers use 3D Spaces as fodder for their creative endeavors. Science fiction fans can already explore the Starship Enterprise online, but there’s no telling what other fictional worlds Hollywood may someday want to digitally recreate in VR.

Matt hits the stage at 11:00am on Thursday, April 28 at the San Jose Convention Center (Room 230C). Stop by our booth to learn more or read about our VR Beta Program at