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Grainger Museum

Explore This! Spend some time wandering through the Grainger Museum, the only purpose-built autobiographical museum in Australia. Percy Grainger was an early 20th Century composer and performer from Melbourne, Australia, who attracted sell-out audiences for his concerts. Throughout his life, Percy developed an eclectic collection of personal items that were meaningful to his compositional career and he spent his later years conceptualizing a museum that explores his creative achievements. The 100,000 piece collection includes objects from Percy’s career, like manuscripts and sheet music, but also diaries, letters to other famous stars, photographs, and works of art. The Grainger Museum opened it’s doors at the University of Melbourne in December 1938.

To learn more about these autobiographical archives, visit the Grainger Museum.

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Model Title: Grainger Museum
Created By: Scann3d
Location: Melbourne, Australia