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Great Banking Hall

Explore This! Get a rare peek at the Great Banking Hall in the First National Center. Located in the heart of Oklahoma City, this skyscraper was built in 1931 by famed developer, Seymour Slackmeyer, and pays tribute to the city’s beginnings with opulent art deco architecture that dominated American cities after World War II. The majestic Great Banking Hall is on the second floor of the building and is covered in sumptuous marble and granite. You can still see the 43 original teller windows where individuals would come for all of their banking needs in the 30s and 40s. Since the building is no longer occupied by a bank, the Great Banking Hall is now a grand event space for weddings, parties, reunions, and corporate events. Permits are required to photograph the Hall, so this 3D Space is a rare look inside one of Oklahoma’s most famous buildings.

The First National Center has recently been purchased with plans on converting it into residences and a hotel. The new owners also plan on completely restoring the Great Banking Hall, once again making it one of the finest spaces in the city.

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Model Title: Great Banking Hall
Created By: Price Edwards & Company
Location: Oklahoma City, OK