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Guest Post: How Entrepreneurs Made $240,000 In Just One Year By Offering Matterport Services in Sweden

I began my Matterport journey back in 2015 with my two business partners Axel and Gustav. We were first-time entrepreneurs who had always been fascinated by the real estate industry, so we started our venture by selling billing systems to agents in Sweden.

The more time we spent we interacting with agents, the more clear it became how dissatisfied they were with current marketing services available to them. We discovered there was a great demand for innovative, cutting-edge technologies that could help agents differentiate themselves and win more business.

We came across Matterport shortly afterward and recognized that this game-changing technology had everything our real estate clients had been asking for. We were sold, and our company quickly took on a new identity as Objekt360, the first Matterport Service Partner in Sweden.

We scanned a few properties for a local franchise realtor in Stockholm immediately after purchasing our first few Matterport cameras. The feedback we received from this pilot was extremely positive: real estate agents were truly blown away by Matterport’s 3D technology. So much so that after our initial pilot, the second largest realtor franchise in Sweden reached out and contracted us to conduct 223 sales meetings all over the country to promote the technology. As a result of these meetings, real estate agents were clamoring to purchase Matterport’s cutting-edge 3D tours and VR walkthroughs as a way to feature their properties -- and we were there to offer the services.

As entrepreneurs, we knew that key ingredients for success would be developing a competitive package that resonated well with agents. We also knew our strengths — we were quickly becoming experts in 3D — but needed a way to fulfill agent demand for high-res photos. To craft a services package that would help us build that, we looked into forming a relationship with the largest photography network in Sweden to combine photography with 3D tours.

There were two factors that really helped launch the success of our business. First was offering packages at a new, strategic price point. After discussing with several real estate professionals, we found that a competitive pricing structure (offered at half the price of our original quote) was much more attractive to agents and a revenue driver for us. Second was solidifying our strategic partnership with the photography network. This gave us the capacity to service real estate agents all over the country — and allowed us to see how successful Matterport can be in industries outside of real estate too. We started scanning offices, hotels, shops, exhibitions, museums — you name it.

To date, we have completed over 3,000 Matterport models and grown our business to 24 cameras. After re-thinking our pricing strategy and solidifying our partnership, we increased utilization from 5 uploads per month of over 100 per month. And our agents? They’ve been able to generate over 12 million impressions and over 750k unique visitors.

For the future, I am most excited about Matterport’s new Pro2 camera. Where in the past our photographers had to use different pieces of equipment to make sure all requirements were met for agents, they now have the ability to generate everything they need, all from one camera. Producing multiple visual marketing assets from one shoot, including high-res photos for print and web, is a complete game-changer. We’re working smarter and more efficiently as a business. As an entrepreneur, what more could you ask for?


About Objekt360:

Objekt360 is the largest supplier of 3D tours in the Nordic region. They introduced the 3D tour on the Swedish market in 2015 and have seen amazing growth in demand for the service ever since. Today they have customers, cameras and educated 3D photographers all over the country - visit for more information!