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Immersive 3D Tours now available to Canadian Real Estate Market

We are proud to announce that Matterport’s immersive 3D tours are now officially available in Canada! For the past few months, our team has experienced huge demand from those in the Canadian real estate market eager to leverage Matterport to strengthen their business. In order to make our Canadian customers’ lives easier, we decided to launch a new initiative in the Great White North and bring 3D directly to their front door.



Matterport attended Realtor Quest - its first international conference - May 4th and 5th in Toronto, exhibiting the Matterport Pro Camera and the online player 3D Showcase to an eager audience of Canadian realtors. We want to thank everyone who has already adopted Matterport in Canada and for demonstrating such a strong international demand for our 3D real estate marketing solutions.

David Pylip, Senior Agent with RE/MAX Realty Specialists in Toronto was one such early adopter who was looking for a service that was far superior to the typical real estate virtual tour. Most listing agents in Canada still use real estate slideshows or panoramic stitching software in their real estate marketing.

With Matterport, for the first time, Canadian agents can quickly, easily create an immersive virtual experience from their properties, including the proprietary Dollhouse view for a complete understanding of how a property flows and fits together.

"I was recently lucky enough to have one of my listings photographed for a Matterport 3D Showcase,” said Pylyp. “If you are not familiar with this technology, it might just be the coolest thing in real estate marketing since the marriage between the digital camera and the Internet. The Matterport 3D walkthrough is light years ahead of anything I have seen in real estate marketing. Plus, the wow-factor with my clients is unprecedented."

The demand for Matterport 3D home tours in Canada has been incredibly high, and our Canadian Service Partner network is already active across the country creating immersive virtual tours of Canada’s homes, architecture, and cultural sites. One Matterport customer even recently scanned the Deadmau5 condo, and there are many more to come.