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Introducing Matterport’s 3D Spaces Gallery

We started Matterport with the lofty goal of building a digital 3D copy of the physical world so that people could instantly visit any place of interest on Earth. I had recently returned from six months of traveling the world, and was excited to share some of the amazing places I had seen with my friends.

Four years later, Matterport camera owners have started to make this seemingly distant goal a reality by capturing a wide range of famous, unusual, hard-to-reach, and private locations. The initial trickle of models has turned into a flood, and 18 months after releasing our camera there are more spaces being captured every day than anyone could possibly look at online, let alone visit in person.

This has driven us to create a site where some of the best 3D spaces can be shared.

We’re excited to introduce the Matterport Gallery. It holds a growing collection of over 100 of the most interesting 3D Spaces created by camera owners. It has been great to hear about the stories behind these places - and this is just a fraction of what’s out there!

We’ve also launched our new Explore This! blog series, highlighting the stories behind some of the most interesting Matterport Spaces we’ve found.

Head over to our gallery to explore.

We want to grow our community of 3D content creators and viewers. If you’re a venue owner, camera owner, or someone who just wants to see a place brought to life online, please let us know!