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Lessons in real estate innovation: Inman Connect, what to expect

Connecting with insights, influencers and innovation in real estate takes place throughout the event and Matterport 3D is presenting lessons on listing differentiation.

This week kicks off the latest edition of Inman Connect in Las Vegas, NV. Connecting with insights, influencers and innovation in real estate takes place throughout the event and Matterport 3D is presenting lessons on listing differentiation.

In many ways the future of real estate is quickly becoming the present. As an industry leading event, Inman Connect in Las Vegas (Aria Resort, July 22-26) will feature a number of sessions by Matterport providing real estate professionals lessons into how this merger of present and future is being fueled by innovation.

Whether you’re attending or not, here’s a look at what some of Inman Connect’s learning labs will cover (see full agenda here) and how you can apply those lessons to winning more with your listings.

What Can eBay and Apple Teach Us About Branding?

Where: Aria Resort, Bristlecone Ballroom 2

When: 3:00PM, July 24

While technology has been slow to shape innovation in real estate, other industries have grown or even been invented from its advance. The ability to market a business and build a brand has changed drastically as a result of online innovation and some real estate brands have already taken notice. Not unfamiliar to most, eBay and Apple are two brands that might be among the first to come to mind when considering the rise of modern technology.

Led by veterans of both companies’ rise to prominence (Matterport CMO Chris Bell and CDO Dave Lippman), this conversation will take an inside look at the tactics that made it possible and how similar strategies are starting to be realized in real estate. Stop by to join in and how real estate innovation will help create the industry’s household names of tomorrow.

Leveraging Immersive Technology for Real Estate Business Storytelling

Where: Aria Resort, Bristlecone Ballroom 2

When: 4:00 PM, July 24 and 3:00 PM July 25

Today’s home buying experience now beings overwhelmingly online. The ability of real estate to meet clients in the modern search is evolving with the use of immersive visuals and changing what it means to open the door to customers. The use of 3D reality capture, data and AR are revolutionizing the way homes are viewed and marketed.

Creating immersive and informative experiences for businesses across industries, Paolo Tosolini (Founder, Tosolini Productions LLC) will share how engaging buyers is accomplished by merging technology with storytelling. It's storytelling that doesn't need to simply inform a customer about a business but rather involve them in the way it's told. Learn how to create a narrative and capture attention with listings that invite clients into a unique way to interact with your business. 

Making the Most of Instagram & IGTV

Where: Aria Resort, Bristlecone Ballroom 2

When: 2:00PM, July 24 and 4:00PM July 25

What has more than 700 million active users and can improve real estate professionals’ ability to market listings? Chances are you’ve heard of Instagram, the image heavy social network, but maybe you’re familiar with exactly how it works or the ways it’s use can benefit your business. Truth is, the platform presents a great opportunity in real estate to generate leads, particularly as an industry that relies on visuals for success. And the best part is, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort to make an impact.

Real estate professional Marki Lemmons (Marki Lemmons Unlimited) is an expert at harnessing the power of social media and will detail the ways it can be leveraged to put listings in front of today’s home market. Through a number of techniques simple best practices, utilizing this tool correctly can change the way you reach your audience and connect with clients.

A Practical Guide to Still, Panorama, Spherical & 3 Technology

Where: Aria Resort, Bristlecone Ballroom 2

When: 2:00 PM, July 25

Visuals are essential to any listing. When searching through what can seem to be a seemingly endless list of properties, a client’s impression and ability to determine which they’re truly interested in relies on the view that’s offered through the images available. Today, there are more photography options than ever to fully capture the quality, comprehensive view that streamlines this search process for both real estate professional and client alike. There’s still photography, 360, 3D and that’s just to name a few. As a result, it raises the question; what’s the difference between them all?

Companies like Ricoh Imaging and Matterport are at the forefront of real estate innovation in photography. This discussion will be led by their very own, Rebecca Norton (National Account Manager, Ricoh) and Gregory Youngblood (Sr. Director Product Marketing, Matterport), to answer not only that question of what’s the difference between all the image technologies but also how each is best implemented. Learn more about creating an accurate and immersive portrayal of properties in listings on the way to greater engagement with clients.

Visit Matterport in Vegas

The complete Matterport experience doesn't end with the learning labs at Inman. Stop by our booth (also located in Bristlecone Ballroom 2) for a hands-on look at how real estate innovation is chaning the way homes are found and sold. 


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