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Matterport expands its ecosystem with launch of SDK

Matterport’s goal has always been to provide a beautiful, flexible way to present your Matterport Space. When we launched 3D Showcase 2.0 in 2015, we created it with the idea of making it the best property marketing tool to help users promote properties, highlight their brand, and ensure that every viewer is totally immersed in their Matterport Spaces. Since then we have been working hard to go beyond our earlier design and enhance your overall experience.

Today, we are taking another step towards extending Matterport’s ecosystem by offering early access to 3D Showcase SDK. Showcase SDK opens doors for talented and passionate third-party developers who are willing to bring creative development solutions for Matterport Spaces consumption which will complement our technology and add value to your business. We will be enabling SDK access for select developers and slowly approving additional development initiatives as we expand.

Developers can now customize the 3D Showcase experience and build entire applications off of Matterport, enabling many exciting new use cases. Matterport plans to add more powerful capabilities in the future to enable compelling integrations. The Matterport 3D Showcase SDK is a Javascript library that allows developers to execute actions to control 3D Showcase or listen and respond to events within your web app.

In a nutshell, the new Showcase SDK allows you to:

  • Get information and details about your Matterport Space

  • Display and move to a specific Mode, Floor or Panorama

  • Control pan and rotation of the Camera

  • Retrieve information about Mattertags in your Space

  • Manipulate your Tour

  • Play a Sound or Voiceover when a user arrives at a specific location

For some inspiration, check out an example implementation created by our pioneer integration partner - Multivista.  

We also have been working closely with some terrific developers and MSPs like Chris Hickman who has begun working on Matterport experiments long before our SDK was available. Chris built some inspiring proofs of concept, and we're pleased to release functionality that enables his ideas to become full-fledged applications. He's thrilled about the SDK because it's exponentially more powerful functionality, and he can finally create fun experiments and solutions that the community can use in their own professional work! If you are a developer, check out his project

To learn more check out our SDK documentation.

To get started, please, submit our Matterport SDK Access form.  If you are interested in building a commercial product with the Showcase SDK, we encourage you to reach out and email Matterport at

Matterport would love to hear your feedback on the SDK. We have created a new developer community for you to be kept up to date on SDK news, share the feedback and discuss your innovative ideas with other Showcase SDK developers. If you run into any issues, please contact Matterport at

We look forward to seeing what you create with the Showcase SDK!