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The Pro2 Arrives in Colombia with DATUM Ingenieria and GeoSpatial

AEC Professionals in Colombia Now Can Optimize Workflows With Matterport 3D Scanning Solutions

We are proud to introduce DATUM Ingenieria and GeoSpatial to our Value Added Resellers (VAR) program to bring the Matterport Pro2 camera to architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) professionals in Colombia. With Matterport’s Pro2 camera as an addition to their inventories of 3D scanning solutions, their customers will be able to now optimize their workflows and collaboration with precise documentation, measurements and geospatial platforms, all while reducing time and money spent.

“The Matterport Pro2 camera is an excellent addition to our inventory of solutions for our customers to streamline their workflows with the most precise 3D documentation,” said XX, CEO at DATUM Ingenieria. “With Matterport we look forward to seeing all of the many ways our customers are able to better their businesses.”

DATUM Ingenieria specializes in providing the highest quality solutions and adapting them to every customer’s needs. Professionals in AEC, geographic information systems, measurement systems, remote sensing and meteorology turn to DATUM Ingenieria for a wide variety of solutions for everything from geo-referencing, cartography as well as the use and analysis of infrastructure.

“Matterport is constantly proving to be nothing less than a revolutionary solution that is changing the built world for the better,” said XX, CEO at GeoSpatial. “As we are offering the Matterport Pro2 camera, not only can out customers capture exceptionally efficient and quality 3D documentation of properties, but they also save time and money that can’t be replaced.”

For more than 23 years, GeoSpatial has been providing quality engineering solutions for AEC professionals to streamline a wide variety of processes with spatial information and integration as well as geographic solutions, development and technology. Some of these processes include consulting, auditing, as well as 3D information management for infrastructure issues, urban planning and more.

Matterport is expanding its Value-Added Reseller program across the globe. If you are a company interested in learning about the benefits of the program, visit


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