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Realities in Real Estate Series: How one real estate agency is increasing engagements with immersive listings

It’s an increasingly difficult task gaining client attention in today’s digital landscape. Establishing differentiation with your brand and listings can now take place on many different levels

It’s an increasingly difficult task gaining client attention in today’s digital landscape. Establishing differentiation with your brand and listings can now take place on many different levels

As a member of the Keller Williams Infinity Group, we at The Kite Team are always looking to find differentiation with innovative ways to improve our client’s experience and create efficiencies for everyone throughout home search process.


The real estate tech boom is changing the way we do businesses 

As the way clients find and engage with businesses change, so too have our processes for conducting business, which increasingly involves enhancing our presence online. It’s becoming essential to every business, across every industry as the main avenue for brand awareness and lead generation. Making a greater impact on these areas were among our goals when we discovered the immersive, virtual tour experience of Matterport 3D.

In this two-part post, we’ll dive into our journey to 3D differentiation by implementing Matterport into the way we market and operate our business. This first post details the results we’ve seen in increasing engagement with clients by marketing the unique Matterport experience. The second post will focus on the efficiencies our Matterport assets have created for clients, agents and the overall operations of our business as a whole. You can also listen to the webinar for yourself for full detail on our complete method for marketing listings.


Getting started and expanding our opportunity to engage clients 

A little over three years ago, we connected with Matterport after experiencing one of their immersive models for ourselves. What we saw was a clear opportunity to differentiate our brand by bringing this unique technology into an industry that’s been slow to adopt in the digital age.

At the beginning we brought in a single Pro1 (the first-generation camera of Matterport’s flagship Pro-series) and started capturing select properties. We quickly realized that maximum value would come from full implementation. We recently added our second Pro2 camera and, while we’re still working on our goal to now capture every one of our listings, immediate results are already building our brand in the ways we aimed to achieve.




Top online impacts of immersive real estate listings 

1.) “Time-on-page” doubled on website where 3D models present

A critical metric to measuring interest in a website is simply the amount of time that users spend viewing what’s on it. Makes sense, right? The more time someone spends viewing your content the more value they’re likely finding in what’s included.

We’ve gone from an average of view time of around 45 seconds all the way up to over 2 minutes on pages where our Matterport models are present.

Providing relevant, comprehensive and unique content is the best recipe for creating content that users find valuable. The interactive and informational nature of the immersive experiences we provide, without a doubt, checks all these boxes.

2.) Averaged 300 views per listing

It might go without saying but number of users vising your pages also speaks volumes. In addition to the amount of time we’re noticing users view our pages with Matterport, those same pages have averaged us an excellent average of 300 views per page.

This is a relatively simple metric but one that can give garner a lot of insight. Tracking trends with total views will show not only where users are directing themselves but can also give you an indication of how well a given strategy is working as a result of trying to direct your audience to specific destinations in a post or promotion.

In some cases, views on these pages ranged into the thousands, which a variety of factors could be responsible for and would be worth investigating as a part of future strategic use. Even so, it’s the underlying consistency found in our immersive experiences that clearly illustrates their interest to our audience.


3.) 222 spaces, over 100,000 impressions generated

 So far, using Matterport, we’ve managed to capture a total of 222 properties to promote on our website and across our channels. In the short amount of time where we’ve increased our use, those spaces have brought in over 100,00 impressions.

Covering a wide range of actions (including shares over social) the exact sources of this figure is more difficult to trace but it does give an idea of their reach. Increasing visibility and encouraging users to navigate these immersive experiences for themselves is half the battle.


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