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St. Benedict's Painted Church

Explore This! Aloha, welcome to St. Benedict’s Painted Church, located in Honaunau, the jewel of South Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Overlooking the beautiful Kealakekua Bay, St. Benedict’s Roman Catholic Church is a historic and active parish that still delivers daily mass for its community of local parishioners, most who have lived in the Honaunau region for generations. Built in 1899, the church is famous for its vibrant interior walls, covered in frescoes of biblical stories and tropical motifs, hand-painted by self-taught folk artist, Father John Velghe. Notice the intricate Gothic architecture of the vaulted nave and detailed depictions of religious stories.

To learn more about this colorful church, visit St. Benedict’s Roman Catholic Church.

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Model Title: St. Benedict’s Painted Church
Created By:
Location: Captain Cook, Hawaii