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Sydney Town Hall

Explore This! Renowned for its high Victorian interiors and rich decoration, Sydney Town Hall was daring and technologically innovative when finished in 1889. The building’s ornate and artistic craftsmanship can be seen through its Vestibule, plasterwork, and dome. The detailed plaster walls display influences from neo-Classical architecture and feature over 30 different colors with 22 carat gilt highlights over the floor-to-ceiling embellishments. A large elliptical ceiling dome is comprised of 12 panels, hand-painted to represent the four elements and eight virtues. The stunning crystal chandelier, suspended from the dome, was specially imported from Europe and installed in 1880 and includes over 160 light globes.

The primary function of Sydney Town Hall has changed little over the past 140 years, with large open spaces available for venues, performances, exhibitions, and meetings. The Hall remains an important example of Sydney’s early colonial craftsmanship and its rich Victorian details add to its Australian identity.

To learn more, visit Sydney Town Hall.

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Model Title: Sydney Town Hall
Created By: Scann3d
Presented By: City of Sydney
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia